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Andre's/Nizmo's Looking For List Empty Andre's/Nizmo's Looking For List

Post by Nizmo on Thu Sep 10, 2015 9:53 am

Howzit guys,

I'm looking for the following kits ... if any of you okes have a lead, please let me know ... I'd rather support the local guys before heading over to eBay ...

Aoshima - Veilside R32 GT-R Combat (Aero Bonnet Type)
Aoshima - Veilside R32 GT-R Combat (GT Type)
Aoshima - Veilside R32 GT-R Combat -Package Renewal
Aoshima - Veilside JZA80 Supra Combat Model V-II
Aoshima - Veilside JZA80 Supra Combat Model
Aoshima - Veilside FD3S RX-7 Combat Model
Aoshima - Veilside Combat II FD3S RX-7
Aoshima - Veilside FD3S RX-7 Limited Edition
Aoshima - Veilside RX-7 Combat Model

Fujimi - Veilside RX-8
Fujimi - VeilSide 180SX Version III
Fujimi - Veilside S15 Silvia
Fujimi - Veilside S14 Silvia
Fujimi - Veilside S13 Silvia
Fujimi - Veilside R32 Skyline GT-R
Fujimi - Veilside Z32 Fairlady Z 2 Seater
Fujimi - VeilSide Fairlady Z C-I Model
Fujimi - Veilside Porsche Turbo
Fujimi - Veilside MR-S Fortune 01 Model (ZZW30)
Fujimi - Veilside Andrew Baccarat Wheels

P.S. - I believe that there is a Skyline R33 Veilside kit floating around on the interweb, but maybe someone on here has one availabe?


Dre ... cheers

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