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Post by STEVE on Mon Sep 22, 2014 9:52 am

Hiya Guys and Gals

Gerhard and I were having a chat this morning about some paint, which basically prompts the question, What paint are you using?

I use mainly Tamiya Rattle cans, I have about 30 cans all sitting nicely next to a very shiny looking compressor and airbrush and I use them because Im lazy! Rolling Eyes
Sometimes I just cannot be arsed to go through the whole rigmarol of the aribrush thing, even though Ive probably got more Vallejo bottles than Tamiya Rattlecans.
That and also this Dark art that is thinning paint... Dont understand, why cant you simplt get paint, open bottle, apply to airbrush and squirt!...

We were talking about Createx, which is basically the best in airbrush paint, only imported and very expensive.
Zero also came up, around R100 a pop on import as well.

So, apart from that, what else is available?, what are you guys using?

Vallejo is available from Grand Prix Models in Boksburg, but they seem to have a very limited supply.
Ive also been trying to locate someone that sells the Italeri Acrylic airbrush sets, but to no avail...

Any of you guys got any leads/bright ideas/secret locations...


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