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Post by STEVE on Tue Oct 21, 2014 1:10 pm

Well, Heres my effort.
I absolutely loooove El Camino's, and after fighting the MPC '86 to a semi reasonable finish, I wanted to do another one.

The kit is built basically straight from the box, decals and wheels come with the kit as this is the California Wheels issue.

I decided to do the body first, because I wanted to see what the colour would finally look like.
Paint is Tamiya Titanium Silver, which is a beautiful colour for pick ups and cars and is applied directly from the Rattlecan.
My normal method for using cans is 2 or 3 mist coats to build up the colour, and leave to fully dry for a couple of days, then I do all the Bare Metal Foil and then a coating of Tamiya Clear. Decals are applied on top of that, and depending on how shiny I want it, 2 or 3 further coats of Clear.
I dont normally, or havent in the past, used polish on my kits, but Gerhard has convinced me that its worthwhile doing so Ill be doing it in future.

Engine and undercarriage is all standard. I added plug wires, Battery, Starter, and a few odds and sods decals and a bit of restrained dry brushing.

Interior is also standard. I absolutely hate painting white, but love a white interior and thought that this elky would look lekker with one, so the entire interior is undercoated in Tamiya Fine White Base Coat, then 2 mist coats of the same undercoat applied again, followed by Flat Clear and Tamiya Ready Mix Grey Wash for accents.

I know there's a lot of guys that say 'I dont build models for competition', then they win everything  Very Happy , but I am one of those people, Im happy in my mediocracy and as long as it looks lekker, I'm happy, so it was rather a surprise that my El Camino was voted Best Novice. Thanks Guys.


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