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Post by STEVE on Sun Nov 30, 2014 4:18 am

Hi guys

A couple of weeks ago I sent a mail through to Zero Paints asking them if there isnt an alternate way that we can, over here in SA, that we can order and get the stuff delivered to us.
The short answer, is no.
It isnt that fact that they are unwilling to look into and find a solution, but rather the fact that the EU restrictions are prohibitive in shipping paint, or as they term it, dangerous cargo, to outside of the EU.

Just a quick background, for all of you that dont know; Zero paints supply manufacturer specific colours, such as Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Ducati, and these are colour matched to the actual manufacturers colours, (and they can also make any colour to order). They are Airbrush ready paints, and are considered one of the finest model airbrush paints in the world. (

All is not lost, however.
They kind of gave me an unofficial and surreptuous lead. You can order from a couple of the Zero Paint franchises in Europe who will ship to you.
(just btw, on the same subject, have you guys checked out Spotmodel yet in Spain, loads of great car and bike stuff  Surprised )
The paint works out to about R110 a 60ml bottle, which is almost three times the size of a Tamiya Acrylic paint bottle, so it works out almost the same price.
I oredered some yesterday, (obviously in the spirit of scientific research and modelling promoting in SA) and ill let you know how that got on Very Happy


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